We are working to grow and expand in 2020

Welcome to Griesemer Beekeeping! What’s new for 2020? 

  1. Website 
  2. Location  
  3. Blog 

First: Welcome to our website. Due to COVID-19, creating a website has become essential for us. All of our markets were canceled through the end of 2020 and likely beyond. We do not have the roadside stand due to break in and have limited availability to provide you with our products. So, developing a website was the best way we saw to continue to offer our products to you! 

Second: Griesemer Beekeeping moved! We still have the same processing facility location. But, we are no longer at 973 Milestone Road in Wernersville. Many of you may have visited the roadside stand or scheduled a curbside pick-up at this location. The good news is! We only moved 5 miles away! You can now place order through the website and select pick up at check out.  We will contact you once the order is ready for pick up at our new location: 99 Forest Road, Robesonia or have it shipped to you.  

Third: The new website is allowing us to being blogging! We want to keep our customers informed of our practices and products. We can’t promise it will always be about the bees… since we purchased a small farm we will be expanding Griesemer Beekeeping and adding some other agricultural components. We can promise it will be educational and exciting!

We will continue with Facebook and Instagram too. If you have a question, send us a Facebook message or an email. If you use our products take a picture and post it using the #griesemerbee  

Many of you already know our story. But if you want a refresher check out our about us page. 

As we enter winter we have 15 hives! The winters have been tough on the bees due to inconsistent temperatures and delayed spring flowers, so ever spring we have to continue to rebuild. But, this year we were able to capture 7 swarms!  I am sure I will share a swarm story on here in the near future. They can be rather interesting stories to tell.  

But I think that is enough story time for day 1. Continue to follow us and watch our apiary grow.  

Christine Griesemer 

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