Welcome 2022

 Happy New Year 2022

We hope everyone had a Happy New Year and wish everyone a happy and healthy 2022!

As we start the new year, we like to take the time to create a business plan for the upcoming year. It doesn't always go as planned, but it helps us to stay focused. Winter is a great opportunity for us to do planning and building new equipment while the bees are hibernating in their hives.  Do you do planning for yourself, family or your business? 

So as we are planning for 2022, we would like to hear from you! What would you like to see from Griesemer Beekeeping this year? 

Here are a few items in our 2022 plan:

1) Continue to blog and grow the website! What would you like hear about or see more about on our website?

2) We will not be at farmer markets this year, but we do plan to attend at least 6 events this year. We hope to attend the open house at Bent Limb Farm, events by Berks County Parks, events by Berks Nature and fiddle festival at Old Dry Road Farm. But, we will need to wait and see how many of these events return in 2022. In addition to these events, we plan to host a few on the farm events. We trialed this with our porch sale and it was a good event, so hopefully we can see provide more opportunities in 2022. Stay tuned!

3) Grow the business a bit. We are hoping to increase the number of hives, because we certainly see the demand for the Raw honey growing! Follow us this spring and summer as we work to collect swarms and add new packages to increase our hive numbers.

4) Plan for new opportunities. We love be able to grow and change to meet our customer needs and demands. How can we help you?

5) We made a goal to provide more Facebook live events to help you connect with us and learn about what we do. Plus, it's always our goal to post and stay connected on our Facebook page. 

6) Did you subscribe to our newsletter? We are working to provide monthly emails about Special offers, updates and recipes. Subscribe today to join the email list!

 We are excited for what 2022 can bring and look forward to connecting with our customers and provide with new information. 

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