Update on our seedlings

A few weeks ago I shared about it being the time to start planting seeds. We are continuing to landscape the propety we purchased a few years ago to make the gardens more honeybee and pollinator friendly. Our intent is to 1)Have primarily native landscape 2) include some edible landscaping 3)provide nectar and pollen sources throughout the year 4) beautify our landscape. This is a large task and will take us a few years!

We are starting in 2022 by growing some of our own perriennials to add to the landscape. Knowing it will be many years and probably a task that is never "complete" to achieve our landscaping goals. But, we want to share the journey with everyone as we convert our landscaping to a pollinator friendly yard. Maybe it will inspire you, give you a few ideas, or simply find some new plants that you enjoy to add to your yard.

Here is a preview of how are seedlings look after 5 weeks since planting the seeds. Mostly we are focused on some seeds we had collected over the past year or two as a starting point. In the picture you see: Coneflower, Bee Balm, Gailardia, Balsam, Safflower, Poppy, Marigold, Oregano, Sage, Dill, and Celery.

There are numerous perennial plants that are great for the pollinators. Many of them require little maintenance once established. They even spread and can help fill out a garden which can help suppress weeds. We know it will be a few years before we can show case the beauty of these periennals we are starting from seeds, but we hope you enjoy following along on this journey.

Just this past weekend, we transplanted some of the larger seedlings. Over the next month we will transition them to outside to plant after our last frost date which is May 15th. Some items like the Onions, Kale and Cauliflower we started have been transitioned to outside already. We can't wait for gardening season to begin!




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