Spring Time

Over history the celebration of spring time renewal of life and the Christian holiday of Easter evolved into one holiday season. As we start April, we can enjoy the arrival of spring, new growth and Easter. 

Ever wonder why a rabbit is representative of laying colorful eggs? As far back as the fourth century, the renewal of life and vernal equinox was celebrated through the goddess of Eostre. Frequently symbolized as a rabbit or an egg. Late in the 1600s, a new legend emerged called "Osterhase" meaning Easter Hare. It was with this legend that the Easter Hare began laying colorful eggs for children on Easter Sunday. This tradition came with the European settlers to America. Thus, the current Easter Hare laying/hiding colorful eggs for children tradition emerged.

Now the Easter celebration has evolved even more to the Easter Bunny letting baskets full of toys, games, candy, eggs and more. Do you need some supplies for the Easter Bunny? Try some honeysticks. These plastic straws are filled with honey and can be a sweet treat for children of all ages above one year of age. These straws are almost like pixie sticks. You can pop open the straw and suck out the honey. Or you can open the stick to stir into tea, coffee, add to ice cream or yogurt and many more options. The sticks come in a variety of flavors. Natural honeysticks include orange blossom, wildflower, and clover. Also, available in flavored varieties which have artificial flavoring and coloring added. But, these honeysticks can be better than alternative sugary treats. Buy four or more honeysticks before Easter and we will bag them for easy basket filler. Need more than one? Just let us know how you would like them bagged in the notes during check out at https://griesemerbee.com

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