Spring is near!

Can you believe it’s almost spring? Spring is arriving in less than 6 weeks! We had a very mild winter here, so for some it may seem like winter never arrived. No matter if you are wishing for snow these last few weeks of winter or for an early spring, one thing is for sure, it’s time to start planning your garden! We were hit with spring fever recently and started planning our projects for this year. We wanted to share them with you for inspiration. We promise to share the progress and pictures as we implement these projects.


  • We planted our asparagus garden in Spring 2021. We are hopeful and excited for an asparagus harvest this year! 
  • The remodeling around the house will be complete, just in time for spring. This will allow us to start working on some bee friendly landscaping. However, due to time restraints, our focus this year is to trial some annual plantings for some pollinator habitat. Throughout this year, we will develop landscape designs with plans to add perennials, edible plants, pollinator plants, trees and much more to grow our landscape with a pollinator focus. A few items we are trialing is the Pollinator Honey Bee Mix and Shade Mix Wildflowers from Rohrer's Seeds. 
  • New for this year, we will be trialing some large scale no-till plantings. Our plans include tomatoes and squash for seed production. Sunflowers for the honeybees, pick your own and photo shoots. Also, some sweet corn trials for fun and maybe a few other items. The Sunflower varieties will include Mammoth, Salt N' Roast Hybrid and Chocolate Cherry Sunflowers. 
  • Planning to do more gardening this year to make sure Charlie has his fresh produce to pick on his evening walks. So, we have planned for peppers, beans, kale, herbs, cucumbers and more to enjoy fresh items all summer long and to store for winter.
  • It is always windy at our house, so we are planning to add a windbreak on the west side of the house to block the wind a bit. Also, the current shade trees in the yard have reached their life span and will be taken down this year. So, we want to replace them with new shade trees. Therefore, we have plans to plant a windbreak containing River Birch, Winterberry and Redbud Trees this spring. This windbreak will add interest all year long!


  • Sounds wonderful. Thank you for all you do for the bees

  • I hoping for a great growing season!

  • Best of luck on all the plans. I praying for a great growing season!


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