Raw Honey by Griesemer Beekeeping LLC

Did you ever wonder what was different about our raw honey?
The raw honey has a smooth, spreadable texture unlike the other honey we sell.
That is because we take our local wildflower honey, unpasteurized and unfiltered and simply cream the honey to produce that smooth, spreadable texture.
Why do we cream the raw honey?
Since the raw honey is unpasteurized it can crystallize quickly. Through the creaming process, small crystals form in order to eliminate large, unpleasant sugar crystals forming on their own. Thus, creating a smooth,spreadable, shelf stable, local honey.
Since the raw honey is unpasteurized many of the beneficial nutrients are not destroyed and can provide numerous health benefits.
  1. Naturally contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that can kill unwanted bacteria and fungus.
  2. It contains antioxidants.
  3. It contains natural enzymes.
  4. It can contain some pollen since it’s not filtered.
To maintain these properties in the raw honey, it’s best to not heat the honey when consuming it. A good way to sweeten your morning cereal, muffin or biscuit is with raw honey to add some more health benefits to the sweetness. However, it can be added to tea or coffee or other warm/hot items and it will dissolve just like the liquid honey.

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