Presidents Day

Today is known as Presidents' Day to honor all our Presidents . Did you know honeybees and presidents have a history?


Many Presidents are said to have been big fans of honey. George Washington enjoyed honey on his hoecakes each morning. George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were both said to have kept bees on their Estates.


In 2009, under the Obama administration the first official White House beekeeper was hired. In March 2009, Michelle Obama requested to establish a hive near the vegetable garden on the South Lawn. Charlie Brandts became the first official beekeeper at the White House. In it's first three years, the hive produced 340 pounds of honey. This honey was given as gifts and used for daily and formal meals at the White House. Charlie retired in 2012, but still offered to be on hand for assistance. The hive has remained on the White House South Lawn throughout the Trump administration. Executive Pastry Chef,  Susie Morrison, was in charge of maintaining the hive during the Trump administration.

 Learn more about the bees at the White House at: Inside The White House - Bees! - YouTube

We're glad to see honeybees as a part of history at the White House. Did you use honey today?


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