Pollinator Friendly Picnics

Memorial Day tends to be the start to summer, which is the start to picnics, outdoor activities, swimming, etc.

 How can you enjoy your summer and keep our pollinators at bay? Below are some tips to have a fun and stay safe outside.

  1. Set up an area away from trash cans and currently flowering plants. Both will attract pollinators/ stinging insects to your picnic/space.
  2. Avoid bright/ bold colors. These are very appealing to the pollinators/ stinging insects because they think they are flowers.
  3. Be careful of sugar-packed foods. The sweet, sugary foods and drinks attract them. Keep your foods covered and use cups with lids to keep your cups covered too.
  4. Be aware of fragrances you may have on you, your clothing or around you. Sweet floral smells attract pollinators/ stinging insects. So, avoid wearing fragrances, smells on your clothing or using scented products like sunscreen, lotions, soaps, etc. because they may attract pollinators/ stinging insects.
  5. Some insects like yellow jackets can be aggressive and come in large numbers at picnic areas. If you have a species that you need to control, consider simple pheromone traps. These traps have a pheromone bait scent inside, so it attracts that single species and they become trapped. Since they only attract one species, they can your best option of control when you desperately need to control the species, but provide safe options for other pollinators and honeybees.

Take time to enjoy summer and the outdoors this year! Just remember this is the home to our pollinators! So be aware of your surroundings and take precautions so you and the pollinators can both enjoy the summer.

 Have a Happy Memorial Day!

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