National Honey Month

September is National Honey Month, a month dedicated to celebrating honey! Why September you ask? September is the month when majority of the honey in the United States is harvested.

Griesemer Beekeeping, LLC is no exception. September is the time we harvest honey from our hives! Stay posted fir more updates about the process! We find September to be an ideal time for us to pull honey for a number of reasons.

1. We past the summer dearth so we don't have to worry about the hive starving.

2. Temperatures are starting to drop, so the hives will slow down and start preparing for winter.

3. Fall wildflowers are still blooming, so the bees can still collect pollen and nectar. They will store the collection in the deep boxes as food for winter. 

Harvesting honey is just one way to celebrate National Honey month. Another way we enjoy is using honey for cooking and baking, it's definitely a pantry staple in our house. We work to continue to share our favorite recipes with you in ore Recipe Corner blog. Help us celebrate  National Honey Month by baking or cooking with honey! Share your creations and recipes with us on Griesemer Beekeeping LLC Facebook page!

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