Landscaping for Pollinators

As the summer comes to an end and fall approaches, it's a good time to think about fall landscaping. Fall is my favorite time for landscaping because the vegetable garden is winding down and it will give beauty until spring (and longer).  

This year, we are diving deep into our fall landscaping as we plan to redo most of the flower beds at our house. We noticed this year that our honey bees love the crabapple, lilac, lilies, sedum and weeping cherry. As we are preparing to landscape, we are looking for plants that flower during different times in spring through fall to provide extended food sources for the honeybees and other pollinators. 

To start, we want to add some of the bees favorites like Bee Balm, Rudbeckia, Russian Sage, Coneflower and Asters. Next spring we will add some edible landscaping items like herbs and annuals to complete landscaping. 

We are excited to redo our landscaping this fall to improve the beauty around the house and to improve our habitat for our pollinators. Keep checking our blog for updates to our projects and flowers blooming next year. Plus, ideas on how to create a pollinator friendly yard at your own home. 



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