The new Buzz....

As most of you know, Griesemer Beekeeping is a small family owned business. Jim and I both work full time jobs (relating to agriculture) and run Griesemer Beekeeping, LLC. We both have a deep connection to agriculture and specifically beekeeping.

We are both committed to growing Griesemer Beekeeping, LLC in the future. We began the process in 2020 with developing the LLC and with the purchase of our farm. This has given us the ability to have more hives at one location. Plus, allows us to manage for bee habitat. We are starting to grow some crops for seed production, which is a great addition to the business. The plants provide pollen and nectar and the bees provide pollination. 

2021 has been our first year trialing seed production. We kept the trial small, but it is showing a pretty promising future. Additionally, in 2021, we added our newest employee, Charles Griesemer. If you haven't noticed our Facebook, Instagram, and blog have been quiet the past few weeks. That is because we were taking time to enjoy the birth of our son in August. We are starting to get back into the swing of things once again. 

Look for future post from Griesemer Beekeeping, LLC. You may even spot the new-bee Charles!

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